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Electric Stoves

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    Celsi Electristove VR Stratford - Electric Stove


    Celsi Electristove VR Stratford - Electric Stove

    CELSI Electristove VR Stratford E-VR Flame Projection Technology places the flame illusion to the front, the centre, and the rear of the fuel bed. This stove is built with high quality low energy consumption LEDs that provide incredible flame brightness...
    Was: £875.00
    Now: £787.00


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  • ACR Astwood - Electric Stove


    ACR Astwood HD - Electric Stove

    The Malvern Electric stove features contemporary styling and is the most compact stove in our electric range. It benefits from having flames at the front, back and the middle unlike most other electric stoves on the market. Constructed of high quality,...
    Price: £729.00


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