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Vision Trimline

9th May 2022

Vision Trimline

Vision Trimline is a subsidiary of Percy Doughty who have been supplying high quality fires, stoves, fireplaces and flue systems for over 60 years, making them one of the most trusted providers in the market today. The Vision Trimline range was first introduced in 2014 and heavily prided on its innovative features and skilful craftsmanship to create a product which is highly accounted for by many customers across the UK.

Vision Trimmed Fires

The slim design of the Vision Tramline range allows for a synergy of minimalist beauty whilst still remaining as a stunning focal point to any room. The range of frames have been crafted with a vast array of materials with natural elegance. It’s sleek design allows it to sit perfectly flush within your wall, making it stand out whilst still maintaining its minimalist nature.

Vision Trimless Fires

The Trimless fire range is skilfully engineered in order to eradicate the distracting frames or visible mechanical workings in order to place more emphasis on the fire itself. Whilst doing this, Vision fires have also paid meticulous attention to their flame patterns in order to recreate the workings of a natural fire.

Optional Extras

If the standard Vision Trimline fireplaces aren’t enough for your home, there are some additional extras you could use in order to optimise your fireplaces beauty and efficiency. One option you could exploit in order to give our fireplace the extra WOW factor is an upgrade to black mirror glass lining for your fire chamber and adding the reflection to the fuel bed and flames in order to give a remarkable effect, boasting an added depth and detail.

Flue System

Vision have used an innovative extraction system which allows people to use their fireplace, even if they do not have a chimney. The balanced flue system allows the system to become a highly efficient and safe appliance. One thing which really increases the popularity of this product is that they can be positioned in nearly every part of your home, giving customers complete flexibility on not only how but also where to introduce their new fireplace.


If you have any questions about the Vision Trimline stoves or need any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us