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Clean Air Strategy 2019 – EcoDesign

9th May 2022

The Clean Air Strategy is making wood burning stoves safer for the environment! The government plans to educate consumers and introduce new measures to ensure people who already own a wood burning stove can burn cleaner fuel, resulting in fewer pollutants. Burning solid fuel reportedly produces 38% of the UK’s particulate matter emissions, with most homeowners unaware that their wood burners or open fires contribute to this.

With these new strategies now coming into place we thought it the perfect opportunity to showcase our EcoDesign stoves. The EcoDesign stoves are already compliant with the new regulations. They are specifically designed to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.

There are many benefits of having an EcoDesign stove:

Energy efficiency improvements

Ecodesign ready stoves can help to reduce your CO2 emissions and decrease your carbon footprint. Research shows that Ecodesign stoves are over 80% efficient compared to older stoves (from 10 years ago) that have an efficiency of 65% and open fires which have an efficiency of 30%.

Reduction in Particulate Matter

Burning wood produces particulate matter (PM). The amount of PM produced from burning wood is dependent on how the wood is burnt. Research shows that Ecodesign stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90%.

Less log usage

Due to the high efficiency of an ecodesign stove, you can expect to use fewer logs to heat your home than with a traditional wood burner.

What to look out for…

When purchasing a new stove, be sure to look out for the Ecodesign Ready label to ensure the new addition to your home is:

– The most environmentally friendly stove available today.
– Has been independently tested to prove compliance with the Ecodesign criteria.
– Recommended by Defra.