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9th May 2022

Contura have kick-started 2019 with an upgrade that lifts Europe’s most popular range, Contura 500 Style, to new heights with the addition of the much-appreciated features and many of the distinctive attributes of its big brother, Contura 600 Style!

In other words, you can look forward to the automatic start function (ASF), the refuelling boost function (RBF) and the silent slide ash-pan (SSA) on Contura 500 Style. The models in the range are now even easier to light and make an excellent choice for homes with high negative pressure

Watch the video below that showcases all the new features!

Design Changes

The only changes made to the popular design are a slight modification at the base of the door and a generally higher finish, such as an aluminium top with the same lacquered finish as the stove.

What has been upgraded?

  • – Automatic start function (ASF) – patented and unique to Contura
  • – Refuelling boost function (RBF)
  • – Silent slide ash-pan (SSA)
  • – Top and hot air grille in aluminium
  • – New cast-iron and glass door
  • – New grate disc
  • – New cast-iron base
  • – New combustion damper design
  • – New mechanism for door stop in open position