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Why Should I Line My Chimney?

9th May 2022

If you are considering having a wood burner or other type of stove installed in your home you may already have noticed there is a lot to think about prior to doing so. One aspect you may have read about is the need to line your chimney by using a flue liner.

Do you really need a liner?

chimney linerYour chimney is an essential component when it comes to enjoying good performance from your stove. If you have a flue liner properly installed you will greatly reduce your chimney volume. This leads to higher temperatures in the flue that can be more easily maintained. These temperatures also rise faster as soon as you light your fire.

In addition the gases in the flue will be able to travel faster. This in turn means you’ll achieve a bigger and more consistent draught that will make your wood burner more efficient. If you are considering installing a stove so you get more efficient heating, the addition of a flue liner will assist with this target much more easily. You will also be able to control the heat and output of your burner more than you’d be able to otherwise.

In short, the chimney will draw more effectively and do its job far more efficiently when a flue liner is installed.

Other advantages to having your chimney lined

As you can see from the information above, the presence of a flue liner means you will enjoy better and more consistent temperatures in the flue and in your wood burner. You’ll notice this quite quickly because even when you turn down your burner you can still enjoy the same heat from the fire.

adjustiing stove tempThis element of control means you will be able to enjoy a good level of heat while using less fuel. Since many people want a wood burner so they can enjoy a more energy efficient form of heating, this is an essential benefit you will want to take advantage of.

The presence of a flue also means you will get a greatly reduced risk of tar and soot building up in your chimney. The more soot and tar are present in your chimney, the more danger there is of starting a fire. You will still need it professionally cleaned but this may be less often than required if you didn’t have the liner in place.

Finally, make sure you use the correct fuel for your particular stove, regardless of the flue. Using the incorrect fuel can lead to damage, while the correct fuel helps ensure the liner stays in good condition for longer and gives you the best value for money.

As you can see correct installation of your stove and the flue liner will ensure you can look forward to a long and safe lifespan for both. Learning how to use your stove properly is important, but so is using the right equipment. A properly lined chimney has so many benefits it would be imprudent to ignore doing so.

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